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Posts from August, 2010

Schedule Some Sleep

  • 30th August 2010 |
  • Author: Iris

Sleep:   the ultimate school supply.   Start the school year off right by getting your kids back on a healthy sleep schedule!   Go to bed at the same time each night and get a consistent amount of sleep. Getting an adequate amount of sleep every night is important for both children and adults.  In order to

Stop Grazing!

  • 23rd August 2010 |
  • Author: Iris

Prime time, not snack time.   Avoid munching in front of the television this week.    It’s harder to keep track of how much you’re eating! So, stop the grazing!  Keep a journal nearby and jot down what you eat throughout the day.   It will help you avoid overeating and eating the wrong foods. .

Food Rainbow

  • 16th August 2010 |
  • Author: Iris

Follow the rainbow.    Fruits and vegetables of different hues offer a wide range of nutrients.    This week make a dish with green spinach, orange carrots, black beans or red berries for a healthy, colorful meal. .

Fitness is a Team Sport

  • 9th August 2010 |
  • Author: Iris

Fitness is a team sport.    Ask a friend with similar fitness goals to exercise with you this week!    Walks, hikes and sports like basketball and tennis are more fun with two. Grab somebody and have them exercise with you.  Have fun while you get fit and continue to improve your health and wellness!.

Remind Me Monday

  • 2nd August 2010 |
  • Author: Iris

Remind me Monday.   You’re more likely to attain your health goals with constant reinforcement.   So make a list of desired behavior changes every Monday and keep your goals in sight by leaving positive notes on your bathroom mirror or dashboard!.




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