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Posts from March, 2011

Dish Out an Exotic Experience

  • 28th March 2011 |
  • Author: Iris

Healthy Monday Tip:  It’s no coincidence that cultures with whole, plant-based diets tend to promote less disease and longer life spans! This week have a “Meatless Monday” and try a new ethnic cuisine like Thai, Greek or Indian. The challenge is for you to have a “Meatless Monday”.  Today, focus on eliminating all foods from

Drive Yourself to Move More

  • 21st March 2011 |
  • Author: Iris

Healthy Monday Tip This week put the breaks on your usual routine and rev up your fitness goals by avoiding your car. Move it this Monday by walking, biking, skateboarding or taking public transportation. Less time driving means more time for activity! With the rising gas prices, parking the car and covering some ground using

Tip: Before you rush into an unhealthy food choice, ask yourself: are you truly hungry? You may just be bored, sad, stressed or lonely. Evaluating your emotions and eating mindfully can drastically cut unnecessary calories. I’m an emotional eater. When I’m under stress, I eat. I have a long list of foods I crave when

Stress is Nothing to Worry About

  • 7th March 2011 |
  • Author: Iris

In our normal day-to-day life, we deal with various levels of stress.  Much of our stress is subtle, like driving in traffic or waiting in a long line at our favorite restaurant.  A lot of routine actions generate a lot of subtle stress that sneaks up on us as we go about our business. Our

Get on the Ball

  • 1st March 2011 |
  • Author: Iris

The exercise or fitness ball is a great way to get a good workout!  Including the exercise ball as a fitness tool in your workout routine will be a great way to build variety and build muscles. This fitness ball is non-impacting and renders varying levels of intensity. The following exercises are will give you




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