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Avoid Barbecue Binging

  • 24th May 2010 |
  • Author: Iris

Avoid barbecue binging.   Stay on track this Memorial Day by using small dishes instead of picking from a larger bowl or package.    Seeing your portions makes all the difference!

During holiday outings and festivities, we tend to overeat.  This binge eating can lead to gaining unwanted pounds.  Instead of eating whatever is in front of you, make a conscious decision beforehand to base your portions of food on servings.

Portions of food and servings are two different things.  For example, when we think of portions, it’s any amount of a certain food you decide to put on your plate.  A serving is a recommended amount of food based on health and nutrition guidelines per the USDA Food Pyramid.

According to the USDA Food Pyramid, one serving of meat, fish or poultry is about three ounces.  When eyeballing it, it would be about the size of the palm of your hand or a deck of cards.  One serving from the grain and cereal group is about one ounce or ½ – 1 cup (the size of your fist).  However, the “portion” you put on your plate may be much bigger – you may be eating three or four servings.  When you consider that ½ cup of rice is about 100 calories, if you eat based on portions and not servings, you can consume a whole lot more calories than you realize.

Grain Products Vegetables, and Fruit
1 cup cereal flakes = 1 fist
1 pancake = 1 compact disc
1/2 cup cooked rice = 1/2 baseball
1 oz slice of bread = 1 cassette tape
1 cup of salad greens = 1 baseball
1 baked potato = 1 fist
1 medium piece fruit = 1 baseball
1/2 cup fresh fruit = 1/2 baseball
1/4 cup raisins = 1 large egg
Dairy and Cheese Meat and Protein Alternatives
1 1/2 oz cheese = 4 stacked dice
1/2 cup ice cream = 1/2 baseball
3 oz meat, fish, or poultry = 1 deck of cards
3 oz grilled/baked fish fillet = 1 checkbook
2 tablespoons peanut butter = 1 ping pong ball
1 tsp margarine or butter = 1 dice

So, when you’re out celebrating with barbeque and all the fixings, watch your portions and think in terms of serving size (per food item) based on the chart above.  Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.  Snack on some fresh celery and carrots.  Eat more salad.  And, drink more water to keep you hydrated and full.

Enjoy your family outing and have a wonderful guilt-free holiday celebration!!!!!


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