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Walking Reduces Breast Cancer Risks

  • 17th October 2012 |
  • Author: Iris

Women Who Walk for Their Health … Research finds that women who walk in their 30s, 40s and beyond can greatly reduce their risk of breast cancer.   Studies have been done to evaluate the association of breast cancer with exercise during adult life, including quantity, frequency, and age. One such study was recently published in

Does Stress Cause Cancer?

  • 15th October 2012 |
  • Author: Iris

At nearly 600,000 new cases each year, breast cancer is an alarmingly common and serious health concern for women worldwide. In North America, breast cancer accounts for over one quarter of all female cancers. No one would argue that having breast cancer is stressful. As a matter of fact, there are some who will argue

Get on the Ball

  • 1st March 2011 |
  • Author: Iris

The exercise or fitness ball is a great way to get a good workout!  Including the exercise ball as a fitness tool in your workout routine will be a great way to build variety and build muscles. This fitness ball is non-impacting and renders varying levels of intensity. The following exercises are will give you

Take Five for Fitness

  • 28th February 2011 |
  • Author: Iris

Depending on where you live in the world and what your weather conditions are, there are days when the weather is not conducive to getting outdoors to exercise. Taking five-minute breaks every 2 hours will squeeze more exercises into your daily schedule.  Those 5-minute exercise routines will also give you a firmer and toner body. 

Gym Membership Not Needed!

  • 29th November 2010 |
  • Author: Iris

You don’t need a gym membership to take care of your health!    This week, try leg lifts while watching TV or dancing in the kitchen.  There are a variety of things you can do to get fit and well at home. Grab a fitness ball and some weights and engage in a nice workout while

Why It’s Time to Get Fit and Well

  • 17th August 2009 |
  • Author: Iris

The baby boomer generation has always put a premium on youth and physical fitness.  Working out to live longer and improve the quality of our life is the most important thing we can do as we move into our senior years.   If you’re ready to get fit and well, there are some important things

Do You Want to Get Fit and Well Fast?

  • 25th June 2009 |
  • Author: Iris

Getting physically and mentally fit is of primary concern for baby boomers.  Over 500 baby boomers were surveyed (half were women and half were men).  The results of the survey confirmed what was of utmost important to baby boomers — weight loss, maintaining and improving physical health, and exercising regularly. It is never too late




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