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Do You Plan Meals Ahead?

  • 27th September 2010 |
  • Author: Iris

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Bypass the drive-thru dilemma.     Save time and money by planning your meals at the start of the week!     A set menu also helps you avoid fatty, fast food meals.

Over the weekend, plan your meals for the week ahead so you are not forced to have to resort to eating fast food.  Doing so, will ensure that all the hard work you’ve done the week before to improve your health through diet and exercise will not be zapped in one failed swoop!

You can download a weekly meal planner here or you can take a look at another good one here.  Let us know what you think and which planner meets your needs better.

Taking the time to plan our meals ahead will make things so much easier, save time, save money, and help us decrease the number of calories we intake.  So, to get fit and well, pull out that weekly meal planner (or download one offered above) and jot down your good eats for the week!.

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