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Do You Want to Get Fit and Well Fast?

  • 25th June 2009 |
  • Author: Iris

Getting physically and mentally fit is of primary concern for baby boomers.  Over 500 baby boomers were surveyed (half were women and half were men).  The results of the survey confirmed what was of utmost important to baby boomers — weight loss, maintaining and improving physical health, and exercising regularly.

It is never too late to reap the benefits of physical activity.  A study published in the Journal Of the American Medical Association  showed that sedentary women 65 years and older who began walking a mile a day cut their rates of death, from all causes, by 50%. 

There are several major components to getting fit, healthy and well fast!  Having the right workout plan, being consistent and exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and having the right mindset, will determine the degree of your success.  Each component is dependent on the other components being adhered to in order for you to get the maximum and most efficient results.  

1)    Eating Healthy — Eating the right foods is an essential component of getting fit and well fast!  What you eat before, during and after exercising has a major impact on how effective your workout will be and how you feel later. 

A balanced diet of food rich in whole grains, good oils like Omega 3 – Fish Oil, calcium, and protein will keep you healthy.  However, you need to consult with your doctor if your diet has any restrictions.  Eating the right foods and drinking plenty of water will yield faster results.

2)    Workout Plan – After you have consulted with your doctor and gotten medical clearance.  You need to devise a workout plan that takes into consideration any physical limitations.  Always proceed with caution by starting with low-intensity exercise.  Don’t make the mistake of starting out too aggressively.  Many beginners make that mistake, only to give up when they get an injury, feel pain, or get burned out a week or two into the workout regime.  Start “low and slow” to allow yourself an opportunity to develop a new habit you can stick with for a lifetime – consistently and regularly exercising.

The important thing is choosing an exercise you enjoy.  Combining two or more exercising will make your workouts more interesting and keep you from getting bored.  When you enjoy the exercises, you will increase your chances of making it a habit. 

Write down the exercise(s) you plan to do, the days of the week you plan to exercise, the length of time, and the time of day.  Set some goals — be specific and realistic.  Setting goals will help you stick to your program.  Monitor your progress and adjust accordingly.  If you hit a plateau or roadblock that’s not injury-related, step it up or do more of what has worked for you in the past.

3)    Personal Trainer – If you want fast results, hiring a certified personal trainer may be the way to go.  A personal trainer will keep you on track and help you realize your goals.  A certified personal trainer will do a professional assessment of your flexibility, strength and balance, and cardiovascular endurance.  A customized fitness plan and exercise regime that is safe and efficient will be created, based on this assessment, to give you the maximum benefits and results based on realistic goals. 

A personal trainer will provide structure, motivation and accountability – as well as help you develop good habits that encourage health and fitness for a lifetime.

4)    Mindset – In order to be successful in fulfilling your health and fitness goals, you must adopt the right mindset.  You must make up your mind to exercise regularly, eat the proper foods and respect your body enough to do the work necessary to improve your health and quality of life.

Mindset is critical.  Having the perfect exercise program, the best personal trainer, and the perfect nutritional plan is futile if you don’t have the right mindset.  If you have negative thoughts programmed in your subconscious mind, you will end up sabotaging yourself.  You will fail.

You should want to look and feel good.  Isn’t your health worth the effort and worth fighting for?  Train your mind to think positive thoughts and visualize positive images of you having accomplished your goals.

Write down your goals.  Choose an exercise or two that you enjoy and incorporate them into your daily life.  Reach for natural, healthy foods and keep track of everything you eat.  Maintain a strong, positive mindset.  Believe in yourself.  The power to succeed lies within you.  If you want to get fit and well fast, start now!


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  1. Greg says:

    Good balanced diet and exercise are major keys. Great article.

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