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Find an Ear

  • 20th September 2010 |
  • Author: Iris

Find a friendly ear.    This Monday talk to your friends and family when you’re feeling stressed.    Not only will this make you feel better, they may be able to help!

Need Someone To Lend An Ear?

Relieve Stress with Breathing Exercises

It is within our power to change the way we respond to stress.  If you would like to increase your ability to get fit and well, try some stress-relieving breathing exercises.  One such exercise is called the “Breathe Technique“.  You can call on it in a second and get some quick relief from the stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

This regimen of focused breathing is the same technique used by athletes and leaders who have to really perform well under pressure.  Give this breathing technique a try.  If you currently use relaxation or breathing techniques that work for you, please share with  us what’s working for you.

Practice Stress-Free Living

If using breathing techniques to relieve stress is new to you, please try this technique out and let us know what you think about it in the comment area below.

If you’re already using relaxation and breathing techniques to relieve stress, please let us know what’s working for you.  Please post your comments, suggestions and feedback below.

Start living a stress-free life today!.

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