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Make Monday the January of every week. The beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to reassess your situation and take the necessary steps to make improvements. It’s important to stick to your plan and see it through. New Year’s promises only stick if we remember them. So revisit resolutions each Monday and take simple steps towards better health in 2010!

Your Healthy Monday Tips will help you stay on track and assist you in adopting good habits to improve your health and wellness. Revisiting your resolutions here every Monday is a simple step you can take to ensure that you reach your goals.

Taking preventative measures to ensure health and wellness is worth it if you want to prevent the alternative, which is being diagnosed with cancer or a debilitating illness. Embarking on a good fitness plan, adopting a healthier eating plan, and balancing your life to decrease stress are very important factors in improving the quality of your life and seeing your overall wellness soar!


  1. Patrenia says:

    This is a great idea Iris. I look forward to being motivated each Monday to eat well and live an overall healthy lifestyle!

  2. Iris says:

    Thanks, Patrenia. I look forward to bringing you tips to help you adopt or reinforce healthy behavior, in addition to providing you with information and resources to help you get fit, well and pain-free!

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