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Make a List – Discuss Your Risk

  • 22nd March 2010 |
  • Author: Iris

Stay one step ahead.    This week, make a list of diseases that run in your family.    Next time you see your doctor, discuss your risk and recommended screenings.

Just last evening, I spoke, at length, with one of my cousins who suffers from diabetes. She is now receiving dialysis treatments three times a week because her kidneys are not functioning efficiently. She has also suffered numerous other health issues as a result of being diabetic. Diabetes is a devastating disease.

She stressed the importance of me having blood work done to check my level of proteins, potassium and other indicators of my current state of health. Her plea for me to really take care of myself by watching what I eat and eliminating sodas did not fall on deaf ears.

Having a family history of diabetes and hypertension, I know the importance of knowing my family’s medical history. I have suffered from hypertension for over 10 years. I will like to eliminate the need to take medication for high blood pressure and I want to prevent the onset of diabetes.

I’m working toward losing weight to improve my health. I anticipate seeing a remarkable improvement in my blood pressure when I step up my level of exercise and start losing the weight steadily.

I have incorporated yoga and pilates into my exercise regime. As soon as the weather improves, I will be back outside taking my morning and evening walks.

So, do you know your family’s medical history? What are you doing to improve your health? Let’s chat about it..


  1. MaryB says:

    Thanks for this great tip. We all need to be more vigilant about our health and taking care of ourselves. I suffer from high blood pressure and I’m working on losing weight too. I think the medicines we take can be just as harmful as the diseases they are supposed to treat.


  2. Iris says:


    You are exactly right! These medicines we take can be just as harmful and more devastating to our bodies than the illnesses and diseases they supposedly treat. We have to make every effort to get off of these pharmaceutical drugs.

    Being a baby boomer, I know the importance of maintaining my weight and taking control of my health so I can enjoy my retirement years. I also suffer from high blood pressure and I’m trying diligently to lose some weight and de-stress my life to see if I can get off of the medication.

    Once we know what we’re up against, we need to make a conscious effort to reverse any ill-effects and do what it takes to get fit and well.

    MaryB, please keep us posted on your progress!


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