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TIP: Cherish every pound. If you need to lose weight, take it slow. One to two lbs. per week is a healthy and sustainable weight loss goal.

I like to create a weekly exercise and meal plan that mixes things up so I don’t get bored eating the same foods every week or doing the same exercises.  From that weekly meal plan, I create a daily plan outlining my meals, snacks and water intact.  I have found it to be very helpful and stress-relieving having my foods charted out daily. I incorporate exercises in that daily plan, too.

For instance, my food chart for today would be:  exercise (yoga) at 6:00am; breakfast at 8:00am; a banana at 10:00am; exercise (walk) at 11:30am; lunch at 12:30pm; an apple at 2:00pm; a salad at 5:00pm; exercise (stretching or strength training) at 6:00pm; and fruit at 7:00pm. 

I also have check boxes to tick off for every bottle of water I drink (for a total of 80 ounces of water per day).  I have increased my daily intake of water to aid me in losing weight faster.

Having a journal  will really help you keep track of your food intake and your exercise workouts.  It can be as simple as a pen and a spiral notebook.  You can find free online journals or you can purchase one you can carry in your handbag or wallet.

Breaking things down into a daily and weekly plan will make your exercise regime or weight loss goals more manageable and sustainable.  A journal is a great get-fit tool to have in your arsenal.  If your goal is to lose 60 pounds over the next 6 months, break it down to a more manageable and realistic number . . . you will need to lose 10 pounds a month, or 2.5 pounds a week to reach your goal.  It’s doable!  

As the saying goes, “The best way to eat an elephant is one chunk at a time!”.

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