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TIP: Analyze your activities. Think about why you haven’t been physically active and then brainstorm ways to move forward. Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be expensive, taxing or boring!

Did you start the year off with big plans and high hopes of getting fit but you’re finding it very difficult to get moving and actively exercise? Why haven’t you started or been consistently exercising? Lack of motivation? No structured plan?

Analyzing these issues can help you come up with ways to turn these failures into successes. Brainstorm ways to garner the motivation and inspiration needed to get moving.

Here are several ways I do it:

1. I read articles in magazines like “People” that feature weight loss success stories
2. I watch television shows like “The Biggest Loser”
3. I look at pictures of a “thinner me” and visualize myself back at my ideal weight
4. I talk to friends who exercise regularly
5. I visit forums where I find lots of support and accountability partners
6. I make a conscious effort to eat healthier foods and not purchase junk food
7. I keep a food and exercise journal

So, if you have been dreading exercise, take heart in knowing that I have been there, too. Start slowly and build upon your successes. Spice your exercises up by increasing the intensity or incorporating other things you enjoy.

Here is another technique I use to get into the right mindset to accomplish my goals, whatever they may be: I repeat two words “No excuses!” throughout the day to motivate me to exercise or get things done. It works!

If you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up. Every Monday gives you an opportunity to start over. Focus on today . . . do something today that will bring you closer to your goal. Build on that tomorrow.

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