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Tip: Visit The Emerald Isle. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, visit the produce section of your local market and stock up on lots of green! Try to incorporate some green veggies into every dish this week.

Spinach is one of the best foods you can eat. It’s a nutritional powerhouse that’s loaded with calcium, vitamin K, iron, folic acid, vitamin C, fiber, lutein, carotenoids, and bioflavonoids. Spinach is also low in calories.

Other dark leafy greens like collards, Swiss chard, bok choy and turnip greens are also excellent sources of calcium.

Add spinach and other dark leafy greens to salads, soups, omelets or quiche, or add it as a replacement for iceberg or romaine lettuce on sandwiches.

Bonus tip: Turnip greens and other dark leafy greens are quick, healthy metabolism boosters!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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